Traffic Rider

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Reach the finish line in Traffic Rider

Reach the checkpoints in time

Traffic Rider is a thrilling racing game on a challenging road. You have to reach the checkpoint before running out of time and reach the finish line.

The game offers an extremely dangerous race track. Your character's motorcycle is not the only vehicle on the road. There are many other means as well. You will support your character to drive a motorbike. Control the car sufficiently to be able to pass other cars. You have to remember that each track will be divided into three parts. Checkpoints mark them. Within the allotted time, you must reach the checkpoints. Then, make an effort to reach the finish line.

When you complete the level, you can move to the next level. Each level will offer different races. You will be immersed in this wonderful scene. They can be snow tracks, forests, deserts, etc. In addition, if you are a big fan of speedy games, you can also join the Dirt Bike Racing Duel. They will not let you down.

Collect many big coins

When racing, you can collect many big coins. The big coins are divided into two kinds. The first is the big yellow coins. When you order one of them, you can add 25 coins. The other one is a big purple coin. If you can collect them, you can get 50 coins per big coin. Let's use them to upgrade your motorcycle.

The garage of Traffic Rider

Upgrades items

In the garage, you can upgrade the power, engine, and wheels. They are the factors that help you succeed. Your motorcycle can go faster. The wheel will also have greater friction to ensure the safety of your character. As a result, you can reach the checkpoints in time.

Buy the motorbikes

Skoot X100, JTM 250 XC, Hunda CB450, and Docati 500 FL are some motorbikes in the game. You can purchase one of them to conquer the race track. Each motorbike has different features. You can buy all of them to experience. Finally, choose the motorbike that best suits you.