Unicycle Mayhem

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Some fierce matches of Unicycle Mayhem

Unicycle Mayhem is a shooting game combined with unicycle driving. Control your stickman character to shoot down your enemy and balance the unicycle.

Welcome to the fierce battle between two stickmen. You can join with another person or fight computer-controlled enemies. Choose the 1 Player or 2 Player mode before starting the game.

Challenge match

The game offers two types of matches. The first type is the Challenge match. In this match, you are forced to fight with powerful opponents. They possess tremendous power and can make you lose. You must try to survive after the opponent's shots. You must not let your character fall off the platform unless you will lose. To defeat your opponent, you need to aim and shoot at the stickman. Another way that you can apply is to remove the opponent's platform. If your opponent's platform explodes, you win.

In addition, you also need to control your character to keep the balance on the unicycle. It's harder than controlling the normal bike in Stickman Biker. So, make an effort to win.

Quick match

This match happened pretty quickly. Quick match difficulty level will be reduced. You can practice your skills in this mode. You can invite your friends to join the game. You will have moments of relaxation and stress relief. You can also play alone in this match. Good luck!

This match is very popular because its playing time is less than the Challenge match. You will experience many different matches. If you win, you can get more gold coins. Then, you can use them to upgrade your weapons and vehicles.

How to beat your rival in Unicycle Mayhem

Player 1

A, and D to move.

G to shoot.

Player 2

The left and right arrow key to move.

L to shoot.