Traffic Tom

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Some information about Traffic Tom

The gameplay

Ride safely with the character Tom in Traffic Tom. Your mission is to take over the number of required cars before running out of time to win and get coins.

Tom is a guy passionate about speed. He owns a great motorcycle. It looks very cool. His mission in this game is to pass the cars. At each level, the number of cars to pass will be different. You need to help him pass other cars safely.

In addition, you also remember that your time will be counted down. You have to complete your mission before time runs out. If you cannot complete the mission, you will not get many gold coins.

When passing a car, you must pass on the left side of the car to get points. If you pass on the left side of the car, you will not meet the requestment.


The up arrow key to speed up.

The down arrow key to brake.

The left arrow key to turn left.

The right arrow key to turn right.

Upgrade or exchange motorbike in Traffic Tom

Upgrade your motorbike's speed

If you are a fan of speed games, you can choose this game and some other games like MX OffRoad Master, and Moto X3M. They are available on our web. You can join them. Additionally, to complete the mission, you need to speed up your motorbike. You need to use your coins to boost it. As a result, you can finish the level in time. Try your best to become the winner.

Exchange other motorbikes

There are many motorbikes in the garage. You can own them if you have enough wrenches. You can collect them while riding. The better the motorcycle, the more wrenches it needs. Try to collect them to be able to unlock all the motorbikes in the garage.