Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels is a horror-driving game for brave players around the world. Don't collide the obstacles if you don't want to lose an arm or other parts.

It can be said that the game has provided a lot of dangerous challenges which are for those who are passionate about adventure and challenges. Are you brave enough to overcome these dangerous roads?

Participate in Happy Wheels online

To help you better understand Happy Wheels online, a description and some information is provided. You will have a better overview of the game. Then, you can play the game better.

Description of the game

If you are a big fan of highly challenging games, this game is launched to please you. The game has very high-quality graphics. The scenes in the game are designed meticulously. They are a harmonious combination of many factors. Thanks to the eye-catching graphics, the game has attracted a large number of players. The game will definitely make you addicted to it after a few tries. The challenges and obstacles feel real. They make you nervous according to your character. You will feel the fear of the character when facing deadly obstacles.

In Happy Wheels, your only mission is to reach the finish line. However, things are not as easy as you might imagine. You not only have to steer the vehicles but also have to be careful with the obstacles. The game forces you to concentrate so that you do not die. However, the wounds will gradually appear. There is no denying that the obstacles have tremendous damage. They can cause your character to fall, break an arm, break a leg, or other damage. These include high steps, crates of dynamite, knives, shurikens, propellers, and spikes. In fact, you will probably face a lot of other types of deadly obstacles. Do not worry too much because if you are skillful enough, you can completely overcome these scary challenges.

Inspiration for the game

The game is developed based on non-physical races. You can see different race tracks. They have all kinds of racetracks. The twisty races or arcs always make people scared. However, in the game, they are not based on the gravity of the earth. So, your character can cross these non-physical paths.

After surveying players about the games they want to play, Happy Wheels is launched. It can be seen that the game has satisfied many fastidious people. It helps people relieve stress. In the journey, you can completely conquer and discover the novelty of the game.

Happy Wheels gameplay

Now, let's learn more about the game and its rules. You can also apply the recommended tips to finish the track.

The strict rules

Are you wondering about the rules of the game? Do not worry too much about it. Just do them and do not make mistakes. So, you have passed the level. First, you will choose the game mode you want to play. Each game mode will allow you to control a different character. Next, you need to work hard to reach the finish line. Remember that you have to work hard to find the finish line because the track in this game is very different. They are not flat. They can create different backgrounds or take different turns. It is said that it is not different from a maze. However, it is easier to observe. Go through the different paths and look for the finish line. When you realize the appearance of the finish line, you need to go over them to complete the mission.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the obstacles. You have to speed up or wait for a good time to pass them. If your speed is too slow, your character will be injured or even lose a life.


The Shift/ Ctrl/ Z key is for secondary actions.
The space bar for primary actions.
The up arrow key to accelerate.
The down arrow key to decelerate.
The left arrow key to lean back.
The right arrow key to lean forward.

Tips and tricks to win

In this game, you need to come up with a wise strategy to win. If you are inexperienced, you can refer to a few tips below.

Firstly, you need to master how to control your character. Happy Wheels requires you to combine many operations to be able to control the vehicles in the best way. If you do not memorize the function keys, you may miss a good opportunity to overcome obstacles. So let's start with memorizing the controls.

Next, the game offers non-physical races, so do not be afraid to move forward. Maybe the arc roads can scare you. You worry that you will fall. However, do not worry about this. You just need to speed up to be able to pass them. Earth gravity is hardly applied in this game.

Thirdly, each character that you control will have its own characteristics. They will also own different vehicles. You have to get used to driving vehicles to get to the finish line.

Finally, if you practice hard, you can become a winner. After each failure, you will have more experience and valuable lessons.

Some characters of Happy Wheels

  • Wheelchair Guy: He is an old character and has to use a wheelchair to move around. Therefore, his movement speed is quite slow. In addition, controlling the wheelchair will be more difficult than other vehicles. Your character can completely fall from the wheelchair because it is tilted forward or overturned. Therefore, you need to be careful when operating a wheelchair. You should not tilt the wheelchair to ensure the safety of your character.
  • Irresponsible Dad: Irresponsible Dad: Your character will carry a son in the back. He is an irresponsible person because he only cares about finishing. However, when you control this character, you need to pay attention to his son. If the boy falls from the car, you lose. You have to make sure both of your characters are safe at all times, especially the boy sitting on the back of the bike.
  • Segway Guy: Finally, the man with the electric scooter. It is said that controlling the scooter is simpler than others. You can comfortably lean forward or backward to overcome obstacles. Your character won't fall off the scooter easily.

The remarkable game modes of Happy Wheels

When participating in the game, you will be able to participate in many different races. Each track will have different characteristics. To participate in all races, choose each mode in turn. Here are the best game modes.

Obstacle Course

This game mode is not too difficult. However, in this mode, there will be countless types of obstacles. They put you at high risk. If you do not dodge quickly, you will not be able to reach the finish line. This mode allows you to control any character to play. If you are ready, join the game now.

Gut Bus Extreme

In this game mode, your character can be one of the characters mentioned above. You can choose them. You start your journey differently than in the previous mode. Your character will be placed inside the bus. You will move by creating thrusts from within. In addition, the rolling stones will support the bus to move. You also need to exit the bus after you are safe. Reach the finish line yourself to complete the level.


You may face bigger jumps and a bigger loop in this mode. Your character in this mode is the Irresponsible Dad character. Let's support him because maybe the speed of the car will be faster. So it is the reason why you lose control. You need to be careful with deadly obstacles. Be careful with the character's head.

Snowy Mountain

It can be said that this is the most wonderful landscape mode. Your track will be covered with snow. The snowy mountains are extremely beautiful. They look majestic. You need to conquer the challenges to complete the mission. When playing the game mode, you will control the Segway Guy character.

Dawn of the Dead.1v1

Before he left BioChem Labs, Mr. Black worked there alongside you. Since you are immune to the toxin that turns people into bloodthirsty monsters, you must spread the antidote in order to save the community. Get your scooter and start conquering this difficult journey.

Take a blast with Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is one of the attractive games. It has conquered a lot of hardcore players. They feel satisfied with the challenges of the game because they stimulate them to conquer the challenge. The challenges are difficult enough for them to feel the thrill and fear. In addition, the characters and the track are the factors that make the game so popular and become more and more popular. Please join the game now. Hope you can win.