MX OffRoad Master

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Some attractive races in MX OffRoad Master

MX OffRoad Master offers some thrilling races between two cyclists. You need to control your character to complete all missions in each race.

You can become one of the best cyclists in this game. The game also has two kinds of races. You can choose one of them to start your journey.

Mountain Ride

Cycling in this race, you need special skills to complete your race. In this race, you will have to cycle in the forest environment. So the terrain is very bumpy and undulating. It's not flat and has a lot of obstacles. You will face steep slopes. They force you to accelerate really fast to be able to pass. On the track, there are also many rocks blocking the road. They prevent you from succeeding. Therefore, you need to skillfully avoid them. Do not crash into them because you will need some time to recover and resume your racing. It can be said that this race is very difficult. If you are already a master bike rider then you can join this race right away. Cycling in the forest will bring you new feelings. You can try your hand at riding this bike. In addition, you can also control the Irresponsible Dad character in Happy Wheels to improve your control.

Free Ride

This race does not have as many obstacles as Mountain Ride. It is suitable for beginners because you will be driving in more flat terrain. This mode allows you to practice to master the game. You can cycle without meeting any requirements. Play until you become a master. Finally, you can join the fierce race. Good luck!

Moreover, if you love to explore, you can also join this game because you can admire the beauty of the forest. Straight lines of trees and massive mountains are symbols of this track.

Navigate the characters in MX OffRoad Master

Player 1

WASD to move

The space bar to brake.

C to see the camera.

R to restart.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

The right shift to brake.

O to see the camera.

P to restart.

Explore the game modes of MX OffRoad Master

The game offers two extremely attractive game modes. You can choose the mode you like. You must select them before starting the race.

1 Player mode

In this mode, you will complete the mission alone. Depending on the race you choose, you may have to complete the assigned task. This mode is very suitable if you want to conquer the fiery races alone. However, you will be a little lonely. It is best if you can join the game with another one. If you can invite your friend, both of you will move to the 2 Player mode.

2 Player mode

This mode allows you to compete with your friend. Both of you will control your characters in the same device. You must try your best to beat your rival. You must find out the finish line and reach it before your enemy does. You also have to be careful when avoiding many obstacles on the race track.