Scary Wheels

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Some information about the Scary Wheels game

Participate in Scary Wheels to conquer the attractive race track. Your mission is to reach the finish line to earn as many gold coins as possible.

The game has interesting gameplay with a series of levels waiting for you. Join the game and complete your challenges.

What is appealing about the game?

An exciting race is waiting for you in this game. A race track with lots of difficult obstacles. They prevent you from reaching the finish line. They are big gaps, slopes, or roads that make you somersault. They can cause your character to fall out of the vehicle. But if you focus on controlling your character then you can overcome them.

There are also many other obstacles such as gears, wooden crates, rollers, etc. They will slow you down or crush you. You need to overcome them by pushing them away. You can also speed up so that the vehicle you control can fly over them. You will be successful. Move on to the next level to continue conquering more difficult tracks.

Finally, you can select many coins on the track while trying to reach the finish line. You can accumulate them to purchase other characters. The gold coins you can get after finishing the level can show your talent. So, let's collect as many coins as possible.

How to finish the level in the game

The W or up arrow key to speed up.

The S or down arrow key to speed down.

The A or left arrow key to lean back.

The D or right arrow key to lean forward.

The features of Scary Wheels

In the game, you can exchange your character with your coins. You can also get them from the daily rewards. So, do not miss them when playing the game.

Some outstanding characters

  • Crazy in Wheelchair: This character is quite similar to the Wheelchair Guy character in Happy Wheels. He is an old man who is a disabled person. You will assist him in steering the wheelchair to finish the game.
  • Hipster: He is also the old one who owns the bike. Control him to avoid the obstacles and finish the race track quickly.
  • Cat Lady: A beautiful girl with a black cat is riding a scooter. To unlock this character, you have to use 2000 coins.
  • Epileptix: He is a stylish young man with a yellow motorbike. Will he be able to overcome the challenges?
  • Captain: Have you tried driving a boat on the road? This is hard to believe, but it really does appear in this game. Let's navigate your boat to win.

There are many characters waiting for you to unlock. You can buy them to get more experience.

The daily rewards

When playing the game, you can get many daily rewards. You can get a large number of coins when unlocking them. If you are lucky, you can unlock one of the characters. So, it is best if you usually join it.