Biker Street

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Biker Street unlocked game

Is riding a bike really as hard as you think it is? Have you ever tried your hand at riding a bike online? If you are waiting for an exciting bike racing game, join the game now. The game offers a challenging race track. You need to take advantage of your skills to win.

The game rules

Biker Street is a fantastic cycling game where you must reach the longest distance by controlling a bike. Assist your character to collect coins while riding.

Welcome to the fierce race track. Your character in this game is an old man. He owns an antique bicycle. It looks quite bulky and has many intricate details. His bicycle was not like modern bicycles. It seems to have been around for a long time. Are you ready to help him control this bike?

First, your task is to cycle as far as possible. You need to pass the rocks in front of you. Then you need to go up steep slopes. You must take advantage of the terrain to not lose too much fuel. Remember that you don't have too much energy. If your energy runs out, you will be forced to stop. You can increase fuel by collecting fuel tanks. After going uphill, you must be careful not to lose control when going downhill. If your character crashes into any obstacle, the bike will probably explode. As a result, you will have to replay the game.

Second, you need to pay attention to the gold coins. You need to collect all of them. They will help you get more power-ups or upgrade your bike. Besides, you also can go further. Your score can also be increased significantly. After finishing the game, you can move to Happy Wheels to relax.

Ways to move the bike

The up arrow key to go forward.

The down arrow key to go back.

The left arrow key to tilt left.

The right arrow key to tilt right.

Some great upgrades in Biker Street

The upgrades in the game are the factors that can help you go further. You need to buy them boost to be able to travel the longest distance. Each type of upgrade can be upgraded to 10 stars. Each upgrade will require you to pay more gold coins. So try to earn as many gold coins as possible.

The power

Increasing the power of the bike is essential. Your bike can pass the slopes easily if you upgrade it. You can completely conquer the dangerous cliffs. Your car seems to be improved and more powerful. You need 150 gold coins to upgrade power for the first time. The next time you will need more than 150 coins to boost.

The balance

Your bike may tilt forward or backward while trying to overcome obstacles. So you need to boost its balance to avoid rolling over. As a result, the risks will be reduced.

The tires

The tires will help your bike ride smoother. It will be less bumpy. As a result, the speed and control of the bike will be less affected. You try to upgrade them to get the best experience while cycling.

The fuel

You need to increase the amount of fuel to be able to go further. Hopefully, you can break your record through the turns. Go further and see the wonderful world.