Moto X3M

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Moto X3M race

The game creates an extremely fierce race with countless obstacles. They form dangerous traps that can kill motorcyclists at any time. He will need to overcome his challenges. There are many other dramatic races waiting for you. You will control your character to be able to conquer them.


Moto X3M is an appealing racing game that has many thrilling races. You need to steer the motorbike to reach the finish line to pass the level.

The game has attracted a lot of players thanks to its attractive gameplay. The game requests you to reach the finish line safely. So, you will immerse yourself in this fiery race where you have to face countless challenges. These challenges are the reason why many other players want to conquer it. Therefore, if you also want to be one of the great players, then join the game now.

Like Happy Wheels, you also have to control your vehicle to be able to conquer the track. In this game, you will practice your motorbike driving ability. The game has simulated them close to reality. You can drive fast forward or brake. In addition, you can also have accidents that cause injury if you do not control your motorbike well.

In addition, when joining the game, you also need to practice more to be proficient in driving a motorbike. You may fail on your first attempts. Your character can fall or get trapped by traps. Do not worry. You can press the spacebar to continue. The game does not limit your turns so you can play until you can overcome the level.

How to steer the motorcycle

W to acceleration.

S to deceleration.

A to lean back.

D to lean forward.

Some challenges and strategies in Moto X3M

Difficult challenges are waiting for you. Show your driving ability to overcome them. How many levels can you overcome? You need to complete them in turn to win. Good luck!

The challenges you must face

The game offers a lot of levels with increasing difficulty. Each level will have a different amount of obstacles. They put you at high risk. You need to be careful not to take too long to reach the finish line. You will see in the game there are many traps. They are placed all over the track. The shurikens, spikes, and cogs can cause your character to lose his life. You are not allowed to crash into them unless you will lose. As a result, you must start again. In addition, the terrain is also very complex. There are many slopes and gaps. You have to speed up to be able to pass them. The motorcycle will follow the acceleration momentum and fly up. Then, you can pass them safely.

Apply some strategies to win

To move to the following levels, you need to complete the level. You should pay attention to the obstacles on the road. Take advantage of items and terrain to be able to overcome them. You will win if you really try.

In addition, you can play the game multiple times to gain experience. You will have a better understanding of the track. So, you won't make the same mistake last time.