Wheelie Bike

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Wheelie Bike is an ultimate cycling game where you can test your cycling ability. Your task is to guide your character to ride a bicycle with only one wheel.

What is Wheelie Bike

Join the thrilling race

Wheelie is one of the actions with serious difficulty. It requires skilled and experienced bikers to do a wheel. A new person should practice more to do this action. You have to train hard before doing a wheelie. Wheelie often poses high risks because this action can cause your biker to fall at any time. So, to join this game, you have to be really brave. Are you ready for this race? What skills do you have that you can complete it?

It can be said that the game has brought an extremely fiery race. You do not need to compete with any opponent in the game. Your only opponent is yourself. You need to break your own record to get a higher score. Your task is to control the biker's character so that he can travel as far as possible with only one wheel. After leaving the starting line, you can only control your bike with only one wheel. If both wheels hit the ground then you lose instantly. You can lose at any time if you can't keep your balance. As a result, your character will fall. You are also forced to restart the game.

Do not worry too much if you fail too many times. Failures will help you gain more experience. Other races in Happy Wheels can also cause you to fail many times. But it shouldn't stop you from getting closer to success.

Ways to ride the longest distance

Press the left button to do a wheel.

Release the left mouse button to land.

The best traits of Wheelie Bike

To help you have a better overview of the game, here are other information. These traits will make you better understand the game.

Replay many times

You will probably fall many times while playing the game because of its risk. When you first start the game, you will fail many times. you can only reach short distances. However, your performance will improve with each play. You will become a master after playing the game many times. Each play will be a practice session. So you can completely master the game. Will you become one of the best players in the game?

The record

Your highest score will be saved in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you get the highest score, the score on the side of the trophy will change. It is the motivation for you to break your record every time you play. Try your best to surpass your own record. You also compete with one another. Compare your score and your rival score. The winner is the one who has the highest scores. The game can prove your skills as well as strengthen your relationship. So, let's recommend it for everyone.

The simple operation

In this game, you do not need to use too many operations to play this helps you focus better. You can put all your focus on controlling the character. You also do not need to remember too many function keys when playing. It can be said that the game is suitable for everyone. You can easily understand the rules from the first time you play the game.