Tiles Of Egypt

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How to win in Tiles Of Egypt

Welcome to Tiles Of Egypt to eliminate eye-catching tiles from the playing field. You have to match three same tiles to clean them in the hand.

This interesting entertainment game gives you a lot of tiles with images related to the Egyptian Pyramids. These featured images tell you more about the culture of this place.

The tiles will be stacked on top of each other. You can only move the tiles at the top. Take them layer by layer. You can get stuck if you are not paying attention. To move the tiles, you need to click on them. Then, they will move to the hand. If you have three of the same tiles in the hand, they will disappear. Try your best to clean all of them.

In addition, you also remember that if your hand is filled with seven tiles, you will lose. Do not let your hand be filled. You must destroy them before they knock you down. You can play the game to train your brain or relax. In addition, if you also want to improve your clicking speed, you can join Wheelie Bike. You can use the left mouse button to play in all games.

Get stars and buy hints in Tiles Of Egypt

If you finish the game quickly you can get three stars which are the biggest reward if you pass the level. However, if you do not play well, you only get one or two stars. Use them to purchase hints which can help you to finish the level quickly.

Return the last tile

Remember that even a small mistake can make you lose by the limit of your hand. So you need to pay attention to not lose. If you make a mistake, you can choose to return the last tile. The tile you just moved will be moved back to its original position. As a result, you can continue your mission. You need three stars to buy it.

Shuffle all tiles

This hint is more expensive than the Return the last tile. Six stars are the price to pay to be able to buy this hint. The hint will shuffle the position of the tiles. As a result, you can move the tile you want. Do not use it many times because it will make you run out of stars!