Madalin Stunt Cars 2

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The game rules of Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Do not miss the amazing race track in Madalin Stunt Cars 2. You can compete with others to become the champion in the game by steering the car well.

The most intense race you will ever participate in is happening in this game. You will immerse yourself in thrilling races where you have to work hard to win. The game can help you train your driving skills. So, you should join it now. In addition, if you want to experience other races, you can join Stickman Biker.

In this game, you can choose from two game modes. The first game mode is 1 Player mode. In this mode, you will compete with other opponents controlled by the computer. You need to be more skillful and agile than them to be able to win.

The second game mode is Multiplayer mode. You can join the race with many other online players from all over the world. It can be said that this is the most intense race ever. You will gain experience and learn valuable lessons when playing against them. Your level will gradually improve after each race. Good luck.

Navigate your car

WASD to move

The shift to nitrous

The spacebar to brake

R for trigger respawn

C to change the camera view

T to show your position and other players' positions on the map.

Some tricks to win Madalin Stunt Cars 2

You should practice many times to become proficient. When you master this game, you can have more chances of winning. Use the function keys flexibly so that your car can run faster than other competitors.

In addition, if you take advantage of the bends to accelerate, you will definitely overtake your opponent. This is your chance to rise to the top. However, you also need to be careful because the bends can cause your car to lose control.

Finally, you need to slow down on bumpy roads. They can cause your vehicle to overturn. As a result, you will have to stop the game.