Short Life

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Why you should join Short Life

Short Life is a thrilling running game where you encounter a large number of deadly obstacles. The game requests you collect three stars to complete the level.

It can be said that the game offers you a lot of challenges. You join the game and complete them. You will face many dangers. Your character can also get injured or even die.

The hazardous tracks with many obstacles

Your character will begin an arduous journey on a dangerous road. Like Happy Wheels, there are many different types of obstacles arranged on the track. You need to pay attention to them so that you can avoid them in time. When you first start the adventure, you will see spikes arranged at the top. They can fall at any time. So, you need to control your character to run fast through them. Next, you will encounter a bar with countless sharp spikes. These bars can rotate so they put you at high risk. You need to wait for them to rotate and choose the right time to cross. Also, there are a lot of bombs on the track. You need to jump over them to dodge. There will be specific instructions for you if you are new.

It is said that the track is extremely scary. There are countless risks that threaten your character's life. Your character's life is always in danger. Are you brave enough to face these dangers?

The trauma and death

These injuries occur many times because of sharp obstacles. Broken arms, broken legs, or head injuries are normal when you are in a harsh environment. Depending on the damage, your character may still be able to move on. However, your character can also lose his life at any time. Obstacles can ruin your characters. Therefore, you have to collect three stars before your character dies. Try your best to pass the level.

Danger and death are the factors that make the game dramatic. You join it and get a chance to experience the thrill of fear. Are you brave enough to overcome them?

Complete the level in Short Life


The left and right arrow keys to turn left or right.

The up arrow key to jump or stand up.

The down arrow key to crouch.

P to pause the game.

Some tactics for you

Collecting three stars is your ultimate mission. However, they are often placed next to obstacles. So you might be in danger trying to get the stars. You should be more careful. Waiting for the right time to get the star is one of the ideal tips. Because you are not limited in playing time, you should wait to get stars. Do not be too hasty to get stars, which can take your life.

Some traits of Short Life

New characters can make the game more interesting. You need to unlock them with stars. In addition, you will experience challenging levels.

The heroes

There are 6 heroes in the game. Each character has different characteristics. They rely on their physical characteristics to be able to dodge obstacles with ease. If you want to know more about heroes, you should unlock all of them. You need to get many stars to unlock them. So, let's try to gather as many stars as possible.

The challenging levels

The game has many levels with increasing difficulty. You must complete the previous level before moving to the following level. To be able to pass the level, you should come up with many wise strategies. Have fun!