Auto Drive

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Two game modes of Auto Drive

Become one of the best players in Auto Drive by completing the race track first. You need to drive faster to win and be ranked at the top of the leaderboard.

Play Online

You can create races and avoid competition with other online players. The race can include up to eight riders. So, you can create a race and invite your friends to join the game. You will compete fairly to become the champion. The game will request you to complete the race track by going two rounds. If you can become the first after two rounds, you will become the winner. You also have to be careful to avoid crashing into others because you will take some seconds to continue going. Save your time to win.

Play Offline

In this game mode, you will control your car and participate in the race. Other cars will be controlled by computers, which is similar to Moto Trial Racing 2. You need to be careful with the walls because they can cost you a lot of time. You have to speed up to get to the finish line first. There will only be one winner in this race. Are you ready to join this fierce race?

The controls and difficulty level of Auto Drive


The up arrow key to go forward.

The down arrow key to go back.

The left arrow key to turn left.

The right arrow key to turn right.

Difficulty levels

When you compete with many rivals controlled by the computer in the Play Offline mode, you can select one of three levels. Easy level is suitable for newbies. You can choose this level to practice. Upgrade your driving ability with the Medium level. Finally, if you have mastered the game, you can choose a race with the Difficult level.