Moto Trial Racing 2

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Experience the Moto Trial Racing 2 game

Welcome to Moto Trial Racing 2 where you can join a thrilling race track. Navigate your character to be one of the first to reach the finish line.

Fierce races are waiting for you. The intense race allows you to use the skills you have to be able to eliminate your opponents. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the game?

The mechanics of the game

Have you ever participated in a fierce race? Does it make you feel excited? If you love speed and tough challenges, you can join this game right away. The game offers you fiery racing scenes among motorcyclists. You will control your character to be able to become the champion who finishes the race track first.

To become the winner, you must steer the motorbike well. You need to navigate your character through dangerous turns. You also need to be careful with steep slopes. They can cause you to fall. It will take you a long time to recover. As a result, you will be left behind. You will only be a loser if you take too long to get through the slopes.

During the race, you may meet your opponents. They are also trying their best to get over you. Do not let that bad happen. You can remove them from the track by kicking them. After eliminating them, you will have more chances of winning. However, you also need to be careful because they can also attack you. Stay away from them when they are trying to threaten your character's life.

Select the difficulty level

The game also has many levels like Happy Wheels. Each level will have a different scene which makes you not feel bored. They will help you explore many different tracks. So you can choose them. Before starting the level, you can select the difficulty level.

  • Easy Play: This is the easiest level. You can train your skills with it. It is suitable for the beginner. The motorbike's speed is not high at this difficulty level.
  • Medium Play: You can upgrade your skills with this level. The level will be more difficult than the first level.
  • Hard Play: If you were a master, you should select this level. Show your talent in this mode now.

Steering your character in the game

Player 1

WASD to steer.

Shift to nitro.

W, R to kick other riders.

C to respawn.

Player 2

The arrow keys to steer.

Spacebar to nitro.

N, M to kick other riders.

H to respawn.

Some exciting game modes in Moto Trial Racing 2

The game offers two kinds of modes. You can select one of them to play. Each mode will give you some relaxing moments.

Single Player mode

In the game mode, you will compete with others who are controlled by the computer. You must try your best to overcome them or kick them from the race track. This game mode will be appropriate for those who want to play the game independently.

Two Player mode

This game mode allows you to compete with another one. Two of you will join this game on the same device and try to be the winner. You will compete with your friend. The race will become more intense when both of you are trying very hard. Maybe you will get a win if you have practiced before.