Stickman Biker

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Stickman Biker addicting game

Stickman Biker is an exciting racing game with bumpy tracks. You need to help the biker ride as far as possible before running out of energy.

Cycling is one of the most beneficial activities for the body. It can also create thousands of interesting contests. If you also love bike races, you can train your abilities in this game.

The attraction of the game

In this game, you will control a stickman character. He's a biker. His job is to try to get as far as possible. However, the difficult terrain was a factor preventing him from succeeding. He needs your support to be able to go far. So if you're ready, join the game now.

First, you will steer the bike to reach the longest distance. Your score will correspond to the distance you reached. If you want an impressive score, you have to give it your all.

Then you need to pay attention to the terrain that you have to conquer. There are no flat roads in the game. They are very bumpy and steep. High slopes cause a lot of disadvantages to your character. When going uphill, it will cause your character to lose a lot of energy. When going downhill you can lose control. Your biker can also fall. As a result, you will have to stop the game.

To conquer longer distances you need to try harder. You need to take advantage of the terrain to be able to go far. You can also practice with Happy Wheels before participating in this race. How far can you go?


Use the arrow keys to play.

W to go forward.

S to go back.

A to lean back.

D o lean forward.

Some excellent strategies you can use in Stickman Biker

Come up with some tactics that can help you reach a further distance. You can obtain more achievements.

  • You need to pay attention to the energy icon in the top left corner of the screen. It tells you that you do not have too much energy. So you need to speed up to be able to get more points.
  • You can take advantage of the steep terrain to be able to go further. As soon as you go downhill, you need to move forward immediately to take advantage of the bike's momentum. As a result, you can save energy and still go far.
  • You also forget to brake in time to avoid rolling over or losing control. Good luck.

Some outstanding features of Stickman Biker

The game also offers interesting experiences thanks to the leaderboard, graphics, and sounds. They make you addicted.

The leaderboard

If you get an impressive score, you will be listed on the leaderboard. You will see your score through the turns. It gives you more motivation to go further. Alternatively, you can also invite your friends to the game and compete fairly. The winner will be the one with the higher score and ranked on the leaderboard.

The graphics and sounds

The game has pretty simple graphics. There are not too many details designed so it is very suitable for lovers of minimalism. You can join to experience it.

The game also has a pretty catchy sound. It immerses you and relieves stress. It also makes your emotions more sublimated. Have fun!