Short Ride

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Short Ride is a fun cycling game on dangerous roads. Help your character ride a bike and reach the finish line while trying to avoid obstacles.

The attraction of Short Ride

The game was developed to create challenges for players who love adventure, which is similar to Happy Wheels. The game also has a lot of advantages that attract a lot of players. If you love adventure and want to conquer this deadly race, do not miss the game.

Some challenges

In this game, your character is a man riding a bicycle. Are you wondering what challenges he will face? Honestly, there are countless harsh challenges for him. You will support him to reach the finish line safely.

His first challenge was to conquer harsh terrain. Your track is not as smooth as you think. There are steep slopes. It can cause you to lose control when going downhill. Also, if you don't accelerate, you could also get stuck between two slopes. Besides, the ladder is your enemy. They are really scary for a cyclist. They can cause your character to roll over. As a result, your character will be injured. They can also kill your character.

The second challenge is overcoming the obstacles. You are being put at high risk because of the presence of obstacles on the track. These obstacles can take your character's life at any time if you're not paying attention. So you need to be careful. Those creepy gears can ruin your character. In addition, the spikes placed on the line or on the way the bar moves are also very scary. They stalk and wait for your distraction. They will not miss any opportunity to remove your character from the track. There are many other sharp objects. Your cyclist could lose any body part if your character crashes into them. You need to navigate him to dodge them in time.

The last challenge is falling off the bike. It is not a scary challenge because your character is barely injured. However, after falling off the bike, you will take some time to get back on the bike, which leads to missing a good opportunity to get over the obstacle. Try your best to reach the finish line safely.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.

Press the spacebar to action.

Explore Short Ride

If you have mastered the game, you should learn about characters and levels. They will make the game more appealing.

Some outstanding heroes

Six characters are available in this game. You can choose one of six characters to start the game. However, you also need enough stars to unlock them. So don't miss any stars you see on the way. In particular, the last hero is quite similar to the first character in the game Short Life. You have to earn 60 stars to unlock him.

Exciting races at levels

There are 20 challenging levels in the game. Each level has different scenes. You can experience many kinds of tracks with an eye-catching background. It is said that the graphics of the game are lively. They will make you addicted. Now, you can join the game and enjoy it. Try your best to win.