Dirt Bike Racing Duel

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Compete with others in Dirt Bike Racing Duel

Dirt Bike Racing Duel is a fantastic racing game with many attractive storylines. To reach the finish line, you overcome rivals and take caution with obstacles.

A thrilling bike race among cyclists is taking place. A thrilling race with twists. Are you an ultimate cyclist?

Some missions of the game

When participating in this game, your main task is to reach the finish line successfully. You will conquer this challenging track. If you win, you can get a large number of coins. However, everything is not easy. Before reaching the finish line, you will have to face obstacles on the way. They are large stones that stand in the way. You need to skillfully steer the bike to overcome them. In addition, the small wooden slats that cross the gaps can collapse at any time. You need to accelerate to get through it before they knock you down. Additionally, If you cycle too fast, you may crash into the track. As a result, your bike will be blasted. You do not allow colliding with them to save yourself. You need to balance well to win the game.

Furthermore, you have another mission is to collect coins. They are distributed all over the track. You shouldn't miss them. They will help you with the following storylines. Besides, Happy Wheels also offers another thrilling race track. You can join both of them to improve your skills.

Controls in the game

Player 1

W to go forward.

S to brake.

A to tilt back.

D to tilt forward.

Player 2

The up arrow key to go forward.

The down arrow key to go down.

The left arrow key to tilt back.

The right arrow key to tilt forward.

The storyline of Dirt Bike Racing Duel

There are 20 storylines in this game. You will start with the first three storylines. If you want to unlock all of them, you need to get many coins.

The Canyon

The canyon terrain is extremely difficult. It has a lot of bumpy roads and lots of rocks. You will have to have special strategies to be able to overcome them. Are you ready for this exciting journey? Can the canyon get you stuck?

The Structure

The unique architecture in this storyline will make you feel interested. You will experience a whole new scene. It also has many obstacles that force you to overcome. If you are daring enough, conquer it.

The Miami

If you love the beauty of Miami, don't miss this storyline. You can both drive and enjoy the view. The wonderful locations of Miami will be reproduced in the storyline. Hope that you can finish the track.

Some bikes in Dirt Bike Racing Duel

There are three types of bikes in this game. You need at least 2000 coins to buy them. Each bike will have its own special features. You can upgrade their power and title to be able to conquer the track. So, the more coins you have the better bike you own. If you accumulate enough coins, you can choose the last bike with 6000 coins.