Smash Karts

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Some things about Smash Karts

Become a great driver in Smash Karts to conquer some challenges. Control your character to steer the car and complete your missions in the game.

The game allows you to participate in exciting races. You can join the game with friends or join alone. You will have interesting experiences with this game.

Play game offline

There is fierce competition between cute mouse characters who can drive cars. You will control your character to compete with other opponents controlled by the computer when you choose to play the game offline. You will try to find the finish line and be the first to reach the finish line. If you can complete the mission, you will be the best racer in this game. You can practice your driving in Moto Trial Racing 2.

Play game online

You need to log in to be able to play the game online. You can then invite your friends to join this race. You can create a private room and send a code to your friends. You and your friends will join it and start the race. In addition, you also join other private rooms by entering the code. You also join the publishing room to compete with others who come from around the world. You will be able to hone your skills and experience through the races. Good luck.

Customize the character in Smash Karts

Buy hats

To make your character look more eye-catching, you can buy beautiful hats. They are all available in the shop. The hats will create charisma for your character. It will also satisfy your shopping spree. You can buy all of them if you have enough gold coins.

Exchange cars

There are many different types of vehicles in the game. They all have distinct characteristics. They make your race more dramatic. You should buy a new car to be able to compete with formidable rivals.