Monster Truck Sky Racing

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Welcome to Monster Truck Sky Racing

The gameplay

Compete with other riders to be one of the first to finish the race in Monster Truck Sky Racing. You will control your car and drive faster than others to win.

A fiery race between eight supercars is waiting for you. Are you ready for this race?

In this game, you will control one of eight cars. Your mission is to finish first. You need maximum speed to be able to overcome your opponent. In addition, when driving a vehicle, you also need to pay attention to avoid collisions. If you collide with walls, they will reduce your speed. The wooden crates on the track will block your view. So you need to change lanes to be able to continue the race. You should not crash into other cars because they can cause your car to roll over, which is similar to Dirt Bike Racing Duel. As a result, you will lose time to be able to continue the race. Be ready for dangerous situations because you can be attacked at any time.


W to accelerate.

S to decelerate.

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

Upgrades your car to win in Monster Truck Sky Racing

Fierce racing requires you to have special skills and tricks. You can also upgrade your car to become a champion.

The skins

There are many different vehicles in the game, including Roxi X5, Supra 500S, HellSpa TT, GT 500S. You need to accumulate gold coins to buy them. You can also change skins for your car. Your car will look more eye-catching. Unlock all skins for a fun experience.

The engine

Top Speed, Acceleration, Brake Power, and Traction are things that you can upgrade. They help your car run faster. However, you will need quite a lot of gold coins to buy them. Let's save gold coins from the wins. You will own the most amazing car.