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The attraction of Yohoho.io

The principle of the game

Join Yohoho.io and enjoy an intense match among heroes. In order to vanquish your adversaries and amass lots of gold money, you use the sword well.

You will control your superhero to participate in this fiery battle. On the playing field, there are many other opponents who are trying to attack you. The opponents are of different sizes. In the beginning, you can only control a tiny superhero. You need to level up your character by killing other superheroes of the same size as your character. Then, your character can both collect coins and defeat rivals.

You also need to be aware that larger opponents pose a dangerous threat. They will easily defeat you if you approach them. You need to dodge these opponents until you are the same size as them. Try to level up your items as quickly as possible.

How to control

You will use the mouse to control your character. Drag it to move. In addition, if you want to beat them, you can click the left mouse button.

Come up with some strategies in Yohoho.io

Destroy all adversaries who are the same size

On your playing field, this is a little number of gold coins. They are unable to aid with character leveling. You must defeat other adversaries if you desire additional gold coins. It is best if you can defeat a competitor who is the same size as you. Avoid larger opponents because they will likely defeat you easily. Prior to eliminating them, you must level up. Your character's size will grow once you defeat an adversary. You can defeat many larger foes easily if you are bigger.

Slash the valuable chests

The treasure chests should not be overlooked either. Many gold coins can be found inside. When you defeat an opponent, you get gold coins that are equivalent to the number of coins in the treasure chest. You can unlock them with your sword.