Viking Escape

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The attraction of Viking Escape

The thrilling adventure

Viking Escape offers a hazardous adventure of a Viking character who can ride dragons. Control your character to defeat enemies before they do.

A warrior named Viking is exploring the jungle. Does this forest hide any dangers and risks? If you are an adventure enthusiast, you should not miss this game. Are you brave enough to fight dangerous monsters?

In this game, you will need to help your character get out of this dangerous forest because there are many monsters here. They have different shapes and possess great powers. Their moves can take your character's life at any time. So you have to quickly destroy them. You will use your weapons and skills to defeat them.

What's more, your character will ride on a fire dragon. It has the ability to spit fire at opponents. It will be a great helper for the Vikings. Help him escape from the forest with your dragon control. Do not miss the gems. You need to go through them to collect them.

How to control

W to fly high.

S to fly down.

A to fly back.

D to fly forward.

The spacebar to attack.

Some tips to win in Viking Escape

Exchange the weapons

Your character can use many types of weapons, such as bullets, guns, fire, lightning, shurikens, bows, etc. If you want to quickly defeat your opponent, you can choose the best weapon. Each type of monster will be destroyed by different weapons. So you can change weapons flexibly. As a result, you will win quickly.

Fly higher

If monsters are too close to your character, you won't have enough time to destroy them. Therefore, you can fly higher to avoid them. This tip can help you save both your time and lives. You do not need to fight with them.