Truck Loader 1

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Some tips to put wooden crates in Truck Loader 1

Push the wooden crates

Control a crane in Truck Loader 1 to complete your mission. To move to the next level, you will place the wooden crates in the marked locations on the truck.

In the game, to load the crates into the truck, you control a crane. You can drive the crane to push the boxes from the outside into the truck. You need to push them to the correct yellow-marked position to be able to complete the mission. When you put the crate in the right place, you must control your crane to leave the truck and put the green button. Then, your truck will be left automatically. You can move to the following levels.

Use the magnet

When the level requires you to place the crates on top of each other, you need to use the crane's magnet. You will use it to lift the boxes up high. Then you need to gently stack them. The crane's magnets can help you place crates in difficult locations. So, you need practice to be able to control it more easily. Let's join the game and complete the missions.

The traits of Truck Loader 1

The simple controls

WASD to move.

Use the mouse to move and activate the magnet.

The challenging levels

The game has a lot of challenging levels. You will have to load more boxes into the truck. The way to arrange the boxes is also more difficult. In addition, you have to think and come up with a strategy to be able to escape from the warehouse where there are many doors. Use your crane expertly to remove these doors. You need to press the button to open them. Make an effort to win.