Traffic Go

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About Traffic Go

Some challenges in the game

Traffic Go is a fun driving game with exciting challenges. Your task is to avoid crashing into other vehicles to reach the finish line safely.

Your driving journey contains many challenges. They can put you at high risk. So you need to be very careful to be able to complete the level. First, you will control your car to be able to move safely on roads where many other vehicles are circulating. If you hit any other car, you lose instantly. You should also note that before you reach the finish line, you need to cross the subway. Trains usually have higher speeds than other means of transport. So, if you do not look closely, you will lose.

Next, You also have another important task which is to collect gold coins. They are placed on the road or behind other vehicles. You need to go through them to be able to collect. These gold coins are a worthy reward for you. You will be the best player if you have a large number of gold coins, which is similar to Biker Street.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to move.

Release the left mouse button to stop.

Some tips to collect many coins in Traffic Go

You need to pay attention to your speed when playing the game. High speed can cause you to crash into other cars. So you need to stop at the right time to be able to win.

When you approach the subway, you should stop to take a look. Pay attention to traffic lights. If it shows a red light, you need to wait a bit to be able to cross safely.

Collecting gold coins can also have dangers. Don't focus too much on them. Collect them when you feel really safe.