The Spin Slasher

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About The Spin Slasher

How to eliminate many rivals

You may face many zombies and ghosts in The Spin Slasher. You need to defeat all of them before they take your character's life by using an automatic slasher.

Your character will be equipped with a slasher. This slasher is extremely powerful. It has great uses to help your character survive in a scary cemetery. It can defeat many scary creatures like zombies and ghosts. In addition, the slasher can rotate around your object automatically. So it can both protect your character and kill zombies and ghosts.

In the game, you will control your character to avoid being killed by zombies and ghosts. You need to keep your distance from them in order to survive. If you want to remove them from the playing field, you must approach them. You need to move closer to them so the slasher can cut them. Take caution to win.

Way to control your character

W to go forward.

S to go back.

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

Some highlights of The Spin Slasher

The graphics and sounds

The game offers a new play space. You will experience the feeling of horror and horror when you have to stand at the cemetery. Graphics favoring dark areas makes the fear even greater. So you need to be courageous to be able to overcome difficult challenges.

The sound of the game is also great. It is so lively. You can feel the appearance of scary creatures through the sound. It makes the game have a climax.

Many zombies and ghosts

The number of zombies and ghosts will increase gradually. They surround your character. You need a smart strategy to remove them all from the playing field. If you are ready, experience it now. You can invite your friends to join this game. Let's eliminate zombies and ghosts together.