The Bandit Hunter

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The fierce shooting in Bandit Hunter

The Bandit Hunter offers a journey to rescue the city from evil bandits. To pass the level, you need to shoot all robbers down and avoid shooting the citizens.

You will be a real cowboy in this game. You can use guns expertly to defeat your opponents. However, this is an extremely fierce battle because your opponents are evil bandits. They are very dangerous because they can use guns expertly. In addition, they can also use other weapons such as cannons, heavy guns, etc. You need to remove them before they do.

Because your city is under threat, you have more responsibilities. While fighting the opponent, you will see a few townsfolk. They were taken out as shields for the bandits. You are not allowed to shoot at them. You must protect the peace of the town and the lives of the people. If you shoot at people, you will lose because you did not complete your mission. Make an effort to complete your tasks and get many stars. Are you ready to join?

How to play Bandit Hunter

You use guns to eliminate the terrorists. To be able to defeat them, you need to aim at them properly and shoot. Shoot the most accurate bullets unless you will die. Speed and accuracy are the basic skills for you to complete the task. The number of bandits is increasing. They appear at the same time making you threatened. They can also hide behind ordinary citizens. So you need to aim accurately. Let's use the left mouse button to shoot. You should also pay attention to your remaining ammo. You need to press R to reload. Do not run out of ammo. Good luck!