Tank Battle

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The attraction of Tank Battle

A fierce battle in Tank Battle will test your fighting strength and wits. Your mission is to defeat other tanks before they do and collect coins.

Joining the thrilling battles

You will participate in combat by controlling your tank. The game will bring a lot of fierce battles. If you want to challenge yourself with these matches, the game is suitable for you.

In the first battle, you will compete with another tank. You need to move your tank and aim at the enemy. You will shoot until the enemy tank is removed from the playing field. You need to take advantage of the terrain to ensure the safety of your tank.

Next, you will join the following levels where there are a lot of opposing tanks. The number of tanks will increase. You will fight hard to be the last on the playing field. The following levels will become more and more dangerous. Alone you will fight with a lot of obstacles. Other tanks will surround you. So you will often be cornered. It is best if you can use your tactics or tricks to win.

Finally, if you can eliminate all tanks from the playing field, you can get a lot of coins. Your coins will increase significantly. Then, let's use them to purchase or upgrade your tanks. Good luck!

Controls the tank

Tank controls are very easy. You will mainly use the keyboard to control your tank. In order for your tank to move, you will use the arrow buttons. The left or right arrow keys to turn left or right. Your tank will go forward if you press the up arrow key. You can go back by pressing the down arrow key. When you confront other tanks, you need to shoot quickly before they do. You can press the spacebar to fire them. Your bullets are not limited. As a result, you can shoot freely.

The way to control the character in this game is quite simple. You can master it after playing a level or two. However, if you want to become a master, you need to practice harder. The game will train your skills.

Some wise strategies to beat Tank Battle

There are many ways to win. Boosting the tank is also an effective way. You do not ignore it.

Upgrades the tank

If you have enough coins, you can upgrade your character. The game allows you to upgrade the tank's attack and speed. With each upgrade, the amount of gold will increase to 100 coins. So try to earn as many gold coins as possible. Your tank will attack better. The bullets can eliminate many enemies at the same time. In addition, you can avoid the enemies' bullets if your tank's speed increases. It is said that the upgrades can help you to win.

Exchange other tanks

The tank can be exchanged if you have a large number of coins. You can purchase a new tank with greater power. You use them to defeat more opponents. New tanks are expensive. You need at least 1000 coins to purchase them. The better the tank, the more expensive it is.