Super Stickman Biker

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The attraction of Super Stickman Biker

The mechanics of the game

Super Stickman Biker is a remarkable racing game. The game requests you to control your character to go over the garage to move to the following level.

In the game, you will control a stickman character and ride your amazing motorbike. You will have to complete your track. This race is very fierce because of the appearance of obstacles. They prevent you from reaching the garage. You need to drive a motorcycle skillfully to be able to pass them. The best way is to take advantage of the terrain to make the car fly over these obstacles. You should speed up to do that. However, show your level by controlling the car well. If you pay too much attention to the obstacles, you may forget that the terrain is also putting you at high risk. You may lose control. Be careful when driving a motorbike. Concentration is the best thing you can do.


W and S to tilt.

D to accelerate.

A to decelerate.

Some features of Super Stickman Biker

The beneficial items on the race track

You will see fuel tanks on the track. It is best if you can collect all of them. You can go further if you have a lot of fuel. In addition, don't forget to collect the cogs. You shouldn't miss any cogs. They will help you exchange for better motorbikes. So you will probably conquer the better track.

Some motorbikes

The more cogs you have, the more chances you have to exchange for a new motorcycle. There are many new motorbikes available in the shop. You can choose the best car to go further. With the new motorbike, you can get many refreshing experiences. Good luck.