Super Jesse Pink

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Join the adventure in Super Jesse Pink

The missions you must overcome

Super Jesse Pink is a thrilling running game with a cute pink character named Jesse. Control your character to finish an exciting adventure while getting coins.

Your character Jesse has been hit by a terrifying monster. It takes away the gem and turns Jesse pink. You need to help your character get back the gems by participating in this journey. First, you need to join this adventure. You will discover new things. Navigate your character until you find the guy who took your gems. You will have to fight the boss to get your gem back.

Next, Jesse will have to collect the gold coins on the track. Sometimes, the gold coins are hidden inside the brown background. Jesse needs to jump up and break them. Then, the coins will appear. Try to collect as many gold coins as possible.

Some challenges in the game

In the game, you will face a lot of small monsters. They will take one of your lives if you collide with them. You need to jump over them to dodge or jump on their heads to remove them from the playing field. But the bluebird is also very dangerous. They are threatening Jesse's life. However, you cannot remove them. You can only dodge them to preserve your life.

Moreover, there are a lot of high walls and blocks blocking your way. You need to think of ways to overcome them. If you get stuck, you will not be able to find the boss. Try your best to complete your missions.

Finally, your lives are limited. You have three lives available. if you use all of them, you will lose. You must take caution to save your character's life. Can you be brave enough to conquer the adventure?

Some power-ups in the game

If you pay attention, you will realize a lot of power-ups are on the way. You need to collect them so that your character can complete all missions.

Jesse Pink

You will see the pink Jesse on the road. You can collect them for more lives. Each Jesse will correspond to one life. They will help you to exist longer. So, do not miss them. When you have more lives, you also have to be careful to win. If you lose many times, the game is over.

The bounces

The bounce is placed next to the high walls. They will help your character jump higher. Then, you can overcome the high walls. You also use them to collect many coins that are placed high. When jumping high, you also need to pay attention because monsters often appear right on the walls. They're gonna take Jesse's life.

The moving platforms

The platforms move like elevators. They help you reach the higher platforms. You need to jump up when they are close to you. Then jump over the higher platforms to conquer the challenge. If you can take advantage of the power-ups, you can beat the boss and take the gem.