Space Warrior

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Fierce battles in Space Warrior

Some challenging missions

Space Warrior is the ultimate shooting game. The game requests you control your astronaut character to shoot the UFO and meteorites down to win.

You are both a warrior and an astronaut in this game. Because the match takes place in space, you need to have the necessary skills to defeat your opponent. Your opponents are the aliens sitting in the UFOs. They are capable of using guns and other weapons. They are constantly firing bullets at you. You need to quickly dodge them. Do not let any bullets drain your mana. Besides, quickly attack them back. You need to shoot them accurately to be able to eliminate them.

Furthermore, if you crash into meteors, you will lose energy. If you run out of energy, you must stop the game. Try your best to eliminate all of the UFOs from space. Then, you can get many coins as a reward. If you are ready for this fierce battle, join the game now. The game will help you to entertain.

How to complete the missions

WASD to move.

The spacebar to shoot.

Some tips to win in Space Warrior

In the shop, there are many types of power-ups that can help you. You can choose to decrease bullet damage. So, you can save your character energy. You also exist in space longer. If you want to avoid the rocket, you can select to decrease the rocket damage. Next, delaying the opponent's bullet time will give you more dodging opportunities. So, do not ignore it. To purchase them, you need to use your coins. You need to have at least 600 coins to do this. It is best if you can collect a large number of coins. Have fun.