Skateboard Masters

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The attraction of Skateboard Master

The game rules

Welcome to Skateboard Master where you can control a character to skate. You need to avoid many obstacles to go the longest distance and get coins.

Skateboarding is one of the most loved sports. It helps people bond together. The tricks when skating also make them passionate. Therefore, the game was born and satisfied the passion of skateboard fans. If you also love it, do not miss this game.

In this game, you will control your character and help her skate as far as possible. If she can skate far, she will receive gold coins corresponding to the distance she has conquered. However, things are not as simple as you might imagine. There are many obstacles on the track. They are wooden crates blocking your way. You need to skillfully navigate your character so as not to collide with them. You are also not allowed to skate off the track. You also need to be aware that if you crash into other people, you will lose. Avoid crashing into them so you can skate further.

Like Biker Street, to purchase other bikes, you do not ignore the coins on the track. Try to collect all of them to unlock other characters and great bikes.

How to control

W to acceleration.

S to deceleration.

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

The skins in Skateboard Master

There are many different characters in the game. They are beautiful and strong girls. They entered the race with a positive spirit. Each character also owns amazing skateboards. They can help you finish the race with excellence. You need 2000 coins to randomly unlock a character. If you can open all the characters in the game, you will have many new experiences. Make an effort to earn gold coins. Good luck!