Risky Trip

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The gameplay

Risky Trip is a driving game with dangerous terrain. You will join this trip, control your car, and try to go as far as possible to get a lot of gold coins.

Are you ready to participate in this dangerous race? The journey to conquer the track will have many difficulties. You need to be patient to be able to conquer it. If you can complete the mission, you will get a lot of gold coins. They are a well-deserved reward for your efforts.

The game requests you to control your car. You need to navigate it skillfully to get far. Some of the challenges that you will face while driving will make you confused. However, do not worry too much. You can practice to become proficient. You need to overcome bumpy terrain. Do not go too fast or your car will overturn. In addition, you need to accelerate to make your car rush through the gaps. Good luck.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the gold coins. They are scattered across the track. It's not difficult to collect them but you need to look carefully before gathering them. You may encounter dangers while taking them.

How to control

Press the right arrow key to accelerate.

Press the left arrow key to decelerate.

Exchange other cars in Risky Trip

Like MX OffRoad Maste, You can also choose from a wide variety of vehicles. They are better and have more outstanding features. They will help you conquer longer distances. You will also be in less dangerous situations. In particular, new cars can limit the possibility of rolling over. I have 12 cars for you to choose from. Their prices will gradually increase. However, the more expensive the car, the better. So, save gold coins to be able to buy more different types of cars. Are you ready to join the game?