Risky Train Crossing

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Some facts about Risky Train Crossing

The exciting mission

Risky Train Crossing is an awesome arcade game. The game has a simple task which is to cross the subway safely and try to gather as many gold coins as possible.

Subways are a place where many dangers are hidden. There are many ships moving. They bring risks. You can lose your life at any time if you are not careful. In addition, the speed of the ships was also very high. It can cause an accident at any time. Therefore, when participating in the game, you need to pay attention to them.

Your mission is to cross these subways successfully. You need to pay close attention before crossing them. You will move your character to complete the mission. The more subways you pass, the more points you get. Good luck.

Do not forget to collect the gold coins on the train. You can use them to exchange for different characters. There are many cute characters in this game. You can unlock all of them if you have a lot of gold coins.

How to control your character

Character control is very easy. It is quite similar to many other arcade game genres. You will use the arrow keys to control the character. If you want your character to move forward, press the up arrow key. You can turn left or right when you press the left and right arrow keys. You can easily understand it right after the first play.

Some tricks to cross subways in Risky Train Crossing

Before moving, you should pay attention to the train in the subways ahead. You have to make sure that you move at the right time so as not to crash into the trains. You need to be careful with your every move.

Besides, if you pay attention, you can see the traffic lights. They are placed in front of the subway. You can rely on them to judge when the trains appear. As a result, you can cross safely.

Finally, you need to train your skills by playing the game many times. You can become the master of the game if you try hard.