Ring Ring Bang

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The highlight of Ring Ring Bang

Ring Ring Bang offers a fierce battle. Your mission is to defeat many enemies which threaten your life before they kill you and explore the playing field.

In a dark space, you will control your phone to fight scary monsters. The abandoned phone is a great warrior. It can use guns to defeat other opponents. You can support it to win this game. Show your amazing shooting skills. Can you defeat the enemy?

When it is worth fighting enemies, you need to be aware that they are extremely dangerous. They can defeat you at any time. Therefore, it is not recommended to approach them at close range. You should stand away from them and start shooting. Eliminate opponents from the playing field, you will have more bonus points. Good luck.

How to control

WASD to move.

The left mouse button to fire.

The spacebar to reload and continue the dialog.

ESC to pause.

Some tactics to win in Ring Ring Bang

Reload as soon as you have free time. You will probably face many monsters at once. Therefore, if you do not reload first, you will not be able to beat them. You will be instantly destroyed by them. So don't forget to reload.

You should go around to master the character's movements and how to use the gun. You should approach the opponent after you have practiced hard. Good luck.