Retro Drift

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Drift as a master in Retro Drift

In Retro Drift, you can enjoy a thrilling race track that is placed on high. The car needs your help to drift without falling out and collect many coins.

Drifting a car requires you to have the technique to be able to go far. Drifting is different from driving. So you need to learn how to control your car well to be able to win. First, you need to know how to control the car. You do not need to use too many keys in this game. You just need to use the left mouse button to play the game. Hold the left mouse button to make your car drift. When you release the left mouse button, your car will move normally. You need to be flexible and agile so that your car does not fall off the track.

In addition, the track also has a lot of bends. They form a zig-zag track. If you do not pay attention, your car will lose control. As a result, you will lose this game. If you want to train your skills, you also play Scary Wheels which can help you to familiarize yourself with the challenging track.

Use the boosters in Retro Drift to drift further

There are three boosters in the game. They are Double Scores, Car Insurance, and Vinyl Rush. Firstly, the Double Scores will double the number of points you have. You will be the best player with an impressive score. Next, you can continue participating in the race even if you fall out of the track thanks to Car Insurance. You need 50 coins to purchase it. Finally, if you want to get a large number of coins, you need to buy Vinyl Rush. Your coins will increase significantly. You should buy these boosters before joining the race. They will help you achieve more success.