Rail Maze Puzzle

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The exciting missions of Rail Maze Puzzle

Exchange the rail direction

Rail Maze Puzzle is a fantastic puzzle game that gives you relaxing moments. You must exchange the direction of the rails to park the train exactly.

In the game, there are many trains with different colors going towards the train stations. With a large number of trains moving, you need to be careful not to cause any accidents. You will become a commander on the rails. Your first task is to change the direction of the rails. You need to pay attention that ships of different colors will be parked in different locations. For example, the blue vehicle can only be parked at the blue train station. You are not allowed to park in the wrong place. So these trains need your smart command to park successfully. In addition, you can only exchange the direction of the rail when the train is not at the location where you will change the rail direction. You need to be nimble to divert rails before they go to the wrong place.

Get three stars

Three stars are the biggest reward for you. However, to get three stars, you are not allowed to make mistakes. Each of your mistakes will cost you later. You need to park all the trains in their correct places. You can get more stars if you win more levels. Have fun.

The controls and tactics of Rail Maze Puzzle

The controls

Using the mouse is the only way you can navigate the rails. You can click the rail many times to exchange its directions. You need to be quick to complete your missions. In addition, if you want to get three stars, you can train and practice many times to win. You will have many experiences to win the game.

The tactics

You need to exchange the direction of the rail as soon as the train goes over. It is best if you can change the direction after the train leaves. Then, you can help all trains park. Let's train your skills to win.