Plug It!

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The attraction of Plug It!

The mechanics of the game

Plug it! is a super fun hacking brain game that can help you train your brain. You need to plug in to charge your phone and complete the challenges.

In this game, you need to charge all phones. If your phone says full battery, you can move to the next level. However, things are not as simple as you think. In later levels, the plug will have many different shapes. You must plug the plug carefully so that there is enough room to plug in all the phones. In addition, some sockets will be hidden. You need to plug in the hair dryer first. It will help you to remove the paper covering the socket. Then you would unplug the hair dryer and plug in the phone. There are many interesting challenges waiting for you in this game. You need to be careful to be able to complete the mission.

The game helps you train your brain with dilemmas. In addition, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually with each level. Try to conquer all levels. Currently, there are 20 levels available. Are you ready to take on these difficult levels? If you finish the game, you can train your skills in Happy Wheels. Good luck!

How to control

To control the game, use the mouse. You will move the plugs and plug them into the socket. You do not need to use too many operations when playing the game. So it is suitable for everyone. Do not miss the game if you are looking for an interesting brain game.

Some tactics for you when playing Plug It!

The next levels will be very difficult. You should come up with a wise strategy to pass the level. You can follow some tips to win.

Open the platforms

There will be white platforms blocking your way. You cannot plug in the plugs if they are not opened. To open them, you need to plug their plug into an electrical outlet. Once the platforms have opened up, you need to quickly pull the plug of your phone close to the power outlet. You need to unscrew the bite plug of these white platforms. Plug the plug of the mobile phone into the socket to complete the task. Be clever with the plug wires because their lengths are different. Make an effort to win. Can you become the winner who can conquer 20 levels?

Plug in the toaster

You will see a few toasters appear. However, the number of sockets is not enough for all devices. If you are confused, you should apply this method. You will plug in the toaster plugs first. You need to wait a bit for the bread to cook. After completing this task, you unplug the toaster. You will plug in your phones to charge them. You will complete the level quickly. If you encounter any other challenges, you should try everything you can. You will have experience in facing these challenges.