Park Your Wheels

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How to Park Your Wheels

The principles you must follow

Become the intelligent person who can Park Your Wheels to win. Move cars in the right order to park them in the correct position without colliding with others.

It seems you are too familiar with driving games. So have you ever parked your car? Parking is not as easy as you think. It is really complicated. You can cause an accident even while parking. Therefore, you need to be careful when participating in this game.

You will see a lot of cars in the right place. Each vehicle will have a different parking location. They are marked with a line. Each car will follow its line to return to the specified parking position. You will click on each car to move them to the parking position. However, you need to have a smart strategy to avoid colliding with other ships. You need to choose the order of movement of the cars to ensure that there are no accidents.

Some tips for you

You need to pay attention to the lines. It is the road that the cars will take. Each vehicle will follow a separate line. So you can rely on them to move the first car. Try not to crash into other cars. You are also allowed to leave them stuck.

In addition, you can make mistakes when moving vehicles. However, you can play the level again. You will gain valuable experience and lessons. Thanks to them you can park the cars. Play until you can pass the level.

Some highlights of Park Your Wheels

As you know, the game has many levels. You need to complete it in turn. The difficulty level will increase gradually through each level. You will have to park more cars. Their lines become complicated. You need to think carefully before making a decision. In addition, you will not get hints. You have to find out by yourself the best way to park all your cars.

It is said that the game also helps you to train your brain. You can join to solve the issue. How many levels can you overcome? Make an effort to park the cars.