Ninja Run

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The adventure of Ninja Run

Ninja Run is an amusing running game where you can control a ninja character. Make an effort to run the longest distance without falling into the sea.

Welcome to the journey of a true Ninja. Ninja has always been a character possessing extraordinary strength and skill. In this game, your character also has great skills to overcome obstacles. You need to help him get as far as possible by landing the platform accurately. Platforms have different sizes. They are placed on the sea. The distance between platforms also varies. So, you need to align skillfully so that your character has the jumping across multiple platforms. If you are not focused, your character may fall into the sea. As a result, you need to start the game. Besides, you should also be careful because there are a lot of bombs and explosive barrels on the platforms. If your ninja crashes into them, the game is over.

You also have another quest which is to collect many coins. Jump higher to get them. Collect lots of gold coins to show your awesome abilities. However, if the coins are placed in a dangerous position, you can ignore them. Are you ready to join this exciting adventure?

Controls Ninja Run

In this game, your ninja will run automatically. You will control so that he can jump higher. You can only press jump twice in a row. Then you have to land the platforms if you want to continue jumping. If you press double jump, you cannot press the key. You need to try your best to land safely unless you fall into the water. You can press any key to play the game.