Mummy Candies

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Some information about Mummy Candies

Background of the game

Immerse yourself in the world of sweets in Mummy Candies. The game requests you get as many big candies as possible to complete the target at each level.

During Halloween, everyone is given a lot of sweets, especially the obedient children. However, mummies are not welcome. So the mummy is forced to find the candies that are hidden deep underground. In the allotted time, the mummy will be able to choose her favorite candies. If the time is up, it cannot continue to collect the candies underground.

Some missions

To support the mummy, you will help it collect candies by using its hook to pick up candies from underground. You need to be quick to get the candies before you run out. You only have 60 seconds for this activity. Pay attention to the hourglass in the top right corner of the screen.

In addition, you must also achieve the goal that is written right on the timer. You will not be able to pass the level if you do not have enough money. It is best if you can collect the biggest candies. They will help you make big money. As a result, you can meet the target. Good luck!

Some items in the shop Mummy Candies

When you have a lot of money, you can buy items and power-ups in the shop. As you know, there are a lot of rocks and bones underground. They don't have much value. So you can buy scissors to cut them off when you get them. You can save time with scissors. You can also increase the strength of the character. Then, your character will pull the big candies faster. Besides, there are a large number of candies. You can buy them to increase your money. Try your best to win.