Megacity Hop

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The attractions of Megacity Hop

The gameplay

Welcome to Megacity Hop and try to cross the roads. In the game, you will control your character to cross safely and gather as many coins as possible.

Crossing the road is really dangerous. You can have an accident at any time. You may crash into a lot of vehicles. In addition, when crossing, you will encounter unexpected traffic. They make it impossible for you to dodge in time. So your character is always put at high risk. You will accompany your character to cross the roads.

While controlling your character, you need to be careful when crossing the road. Avoid vehicles moving on the road. They can cause you to stop the game at any time. You also need to pay attention to the gold coins on your way. You need to collect them to unlock other characters. A variety of cute characters are waiting for you. If you have accumulated enough gold coins, open all of them.

Some kinds of roads in the game

The game will have many different types of roads such as roads, defense roads, and subways. You need to cross them safely. Please speed up before the cars rush. You also need to pay attention to traffic lights. They will signal danger to come. Also, when you cross the river, you need to take advantage of the wooden planks. They often float in rivers. Jump over them and continue to the other bank.

Controls in Megacity Hop

Character control is very easy. You will use the arrow keys. The up arrow key to move forward. The left arrow key is used to turn left. In addition, you can turn right when you press the right arrow key. It is so easy to remember. Therefore, you should join the game now to control your character. The exciting mission is waiting for you.