Little Farm Clicker

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The storyline of Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker is a fantastic arcade game where you can work on the farm. Your mission is to manage and develop the farm by earning many coins.

Summer vacation has arrived. Three children go home to visit their grandfather. They will take care of and manage this farm for him because he is retired. Grandpa will guide you through the daily chores on the farm. Do you expect interesting and novel jobs on the farm?

On his grandfather's farm, there were many empty plots of land. To earn money, you need to grow crops or raise livestock. Firstly, you will start with growing rice. Next, you can open other cells and start raising more animals. They will bring you a lot of gold coins. Finally, if you work hard, you can get a lot of gems.

Despite the simple gameplay, the game attracts a lot of people. Can you shoulder this great responsibility? Let's work hard to earn gold coins and gems.

Some exciting missions in the game

Collect gold coins

You start with three rice plants. They will give you 1 gold coin. You need to click to collect them. Continuously, collect gold coins to accumulate them. If you want more gold coins, you need to increase the number of rice plants. Try to accumulate gold coins to be able to buy more rice plants. The amount of gold that you earn from the way the rice plants will increase significantly.

Buy other animals and trees to get coins

You can buy more chicken. Feed them because they bring more gold coins. You need to increase the number of chickens to get more gold coins. Then, you can unlock the following square which is cows. There are many other squares waiting for you to discover. To unlock them, you need hundreds of millions of gold coins or billions of gold coins. Making money patiently is the best way for you.