Lil Plane

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What is Lil Plane

Some missions

Lil Plane allows you to control the plane like a real pilot. Try your best to go as far as possible and avoid crashing into obstacles to win.

Have you ever tried to fly an airplane? Flying a plane is a hard job that requires meticulousness and care. If flying a real plane is your dream then you can fly an airplane simulator. The game will help you realize your dream of flying an airplane.

Your first task is to control the plane. You can make it fly high or fly low. Besides, you can turn right or left. You can create a few tricks to be able to fly better. If you have mastered the control of the plane, you will try to complete the next mission. Your second mission is to avoid many obstacles. They are platforms placed in the sky. They are divided into two types. If you see big platforms then you need to avoid them by flying low. You can also turn right or turn left. If the small platforms block your way, you can fly high to dodge them. Good luck.

How to fly a plane

The left arrow key to turn left.

The right arrow key to turn right.

The spacebar to fly up or down.

Some highlights of Lil Plane

The vast sky does not limit you. So, you can fly longer. If you maintain the stability of the plane, you will probably fly further. The game is a place for you to unleash your passion. You will be completely immersed in this new world.

In addition, you can collect more gold coins. If you see smaller gold coins, you have to fly low to get them. Flying higher is the only way to get bigger gold coins. Try your best to collect them. When trying to gather them, you also need to be careful unless you collide with platforms.