Lane Rush Pro

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Some things about the track in Lane Rush Pro

The obstacles on the track

Lane Rush Pro offers a thrilling race track with many obstacles. The game requests you to navigate your car to avoid crashing into obstacles and pass the level.

The race track is divided into three lanes. You can move in any lane. When moving, you need to pay attention to the obstacles on the road. You are not allowed to crash into any obstacles if you want to reach the finish line. A few obstacles on the way including a broken car. They are scattered on the road. You need to quickly switch lanes to be able to dodge them. In addition, there are many rocks placed on the road. The number of rocks will increase significantly as you near the finish line. So staying focused will help you get through them. Finally, big trucks can also cause your car to explode. There are many dangerous obstacles in this game, which is similar to Happy Wheels. Both games offer intense race tracks. You can join to conquer all of them.

The rewards on the track

Besides deadly obstacles, you can collect some beneficial items on the track. There are a lot of gold coins on the track. They are usually placed next to obstacles. So they are like traps for you. If you want to get them, you have to make sure your lane change is fast. If you are not fast enough, your car will collide with obstacles. As a result, you will be blown up. You can also skip some coins that are in difficult positions. Collect coins that you think are safe. In addition, each level will have three stars on the track. If you can collect all three stars before reaching the finish line, you can win a high rank. Have fun.

How to complete the level in Lane Rush Pro

Control the cars

In the game, your car will go automatically. You cannot control your car's speed. In addition, the car's speed will increase gradually. Therefore, you need to focus on the exchanging lanes. To move to other lanes, you can press the left or right arrow keys. Press them quickly to dodge the obstacles in time. Let's join the game now to check your driving skills. Are you the best driver in the game? Good luck!

Some tactics

If you are a newbie, you should ignore the stars and gold coins at the edge of the obstacle. It can cause you to stop the game. If you have mastered the game, you should collect them. You can exchange new cars with them. They will help you complete the task faster. New cars cost from 250 coins to 1500 coins. So, you need to accumulate all the coins to unlock many outstanding cars.

Moreover, the game has 30 levels. If you want to practice, you can replay the first levels. They are quite easy to overcome. You can train your reflexes and speed.