Jungle Boy

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Your missions in Jungle Boy

Climb the cliff with many dangers with Jungle Boy. Your mission is to navigate your character to climb the highest distance and get the best scores.

If you are looking for an entertaining game, you should not miss this game. This running game will give you an extremely dramatic cliff-climbing journey of the jungle boy. He was so used to climbing in the forest, that he could climb the cliff easily.

However, things are not as simple as you think. Your character will face a lot of obstacles placed on both sides of the cliff. There are many spikes and spikes. They can cause your character to lose his life. So you need to help him dodge all of them. Moreover, the endless cliffs are a big challenge for you. Can you climb the highest? The higher you climb, the more points you get. Break your record through turns. Good luck

Controls Jungle Boy

To be able to help your character climb, you will need to use the left mouse button to control it. You press it to make your character jump over the opposite cliff. Then, your character can dodge many spikes and spikes. Jump continuously to be able to dodge many obstacles. As a result, you can climb higher. The fast jumping speed between two cliffs can break the obstacles. If they are removed, your character will be safer.