Jigger & Duff

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A thrilling adventure in Jigger & Duff

Jigger & Duff offers a fantastic adventure for a young boy. Control your character to complete all required tasks, then you will move to the new adventure.

A young man named Duff is embarking on a journey to discover a new land. He was given a lot of tasks. Each different mission will create an extremely interesting play space. Some of the functions that you may be assigned are cutting down trees, finding keys, defeating enemies, etc. All tasks are detailed instructions. So, you can understand them and complete them quickly.

It is said that this adventure is highly exciting. You can idle with the original quests. As it goes on, the missions are much different. They are more difficult and have more terrifying challenges. You have to try to get through them as quickly as possible. You can also explore the surroundings. A forest with countless new things is waiting for you. In the next missions, you will be helped by a character named Jigger. He will give you detailed instructions on the quest.

Way to navigate your character in Jigger & Duff

To control the character to complete the mission, you will use the keys W, A, S, and D to move. You can also use the arrow keys instead. If you want to attack, you just need to press the left mouse button. There are not too many difficult operations in this game. So you can easily understand the rules.