Holi Shooter

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How to play Holi Shooter

Holi Shooter is launched to help you train your shooting ability. You need to eliminate the normal platforms on the playing field without using all ammo.

It is said that the game has simple gameplay. You can play the game easily from the first try. Then, the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. To play this game, you will use the left mouse button to play. Press the left mouse button to shoot. Your mission is to eliminate all the moving platforms around your gun. Because your gun automatically rotates, aiming is difficult. You have to wait for the right moment to shoot. In addition, you should remember that your ammo is limited. You need to shoot with high accuracy to win.

On the other hand, your time is unlimited. Therefore, you should observe carefully before shooting. You need to ensure the accuracy of each shot so as not to waste ammunition. If you are a professional shooter, you can remove all these platforms. If you are not a professional shooter, you can play games to improve your shooting skills.

Some outstanding traits of Holi Shooter

You will face many other dangers in the game. Platform bombs pose a lot of risks. You are not allowed to shoot them unless you will lose. In addition, some level offers another rival. It is a fruit. balloon. You need to hit it at least three times to win. There are many challenges waiting for you in the following levels. You should be careful to get a lot of gold coins. Besides, the movement speed of the platforms will also increase gradually. You need to keep pace with it to be able to eliminate them.