Happy Popcorn

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The attraction of Happy Popcorn

The gameplay

Happy Popcorn is an amusing arcade game for everyone. You have to fill the popcorn box so that they reach the limit line without dropping any popcorn.

Popcorn has always been a favorite snack. To get a popcorn meeting, you need to do it. At each level, the popcorn box will have many different shapes. Launchers will be placed inside the popcorn box or outside the popcorn box. You need to tap on it for the popcorn to be fired. However, you must not drop any popcorn outside. If you drop three popcorn, you will fail. Fill up to the limit line. If all the limit lines change from white to blue, you are successful. At some levels, you will need to fill the popcorn box and reach the keys. They will help you get more new skins.

How to control

Press the left mouse button to fill the popcorn box.

Some outstanding features of Happy Popcorn


In this game, you need to earn a lot of gold coins to unlock skins. They will make your popcorn come in different shapes. They will look cuter. You can also collect multiple keys to randomly unlock skins. Try your best to unlock all skins.


In addition, you also unlock the launchers. There are many launchers available in the shop. With many coins, you can unlock many launchers. They can help you to fill it quickly. But you also take caution to avoid dropping the popcorn.