Fastening Challenge

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About Fastening Challenge

The mechanics of the game

Fastening Challenge is an exciting arcade game with two lanes and many monsters. The game requests you to fasten two identical characters to level up.

In the game, the monsters will be randomly arranged in two lanes. These lanes will automatically move in opposite directions. You need to fasten the identical monsters together. If you fasten the required number of monsters, you can move on to the next level. However, things are not as simple as you might imagine. The lanes moving in the opposite direction make the game even more difficult. You will probably fasten different monsters. So you need to practice your skills to be able to complete the game. You need to train your quick reaction ability. It is the main factor affecting your success.


To fasten the same monsters, you will use the mouse. Please click on the location of the monster to fasten more. You need to pay attention to both lanes. You should click as soon as two identical monsters are standing opposite each other. You need to increase your tap speed or else the same monsters will pass through each other. You will miss the right time to tie them up.

Some challenges in Fastening Challenge

The limit time

To level up, you must complete your task within 2 minutes. This is a short time. So if you can't complete the mission within the allotted time, you will lose. Under time pressure, will you be able to complete this difficult task? Good luck!

The limit lives

Besides limiting the time, you also do not have more lives. There are five lives on each level. You are not allowed to fasten wrong over five times unless you must stop the game. You need to use them effectively to win.