Exolon Redux

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The highlights of Exolon Redux

The game rules

Exolon Redux offers an intense adventure of a warrior. The game requests you to shoot down many enemies and obstacles and pass as many zones as possible.

Have you ever been on a dangerous adventure? In the game, you will explore a strange new planet. Here you will face many dangers. If you are an adventure game lover, you should not miss this game. The game is so attractive. You will play as a warrior and fight the threats on this new planet.

First, you will encounter a lot of rockets. They are big and have great power. It would help if you destroyed them before they attack you. In addition, there are countless large and small bubbles. They will take your life if you cannot eliminate them. Next, you must focus on the cannon. You are suffering from their barrage of bullets. It is best if you can defeat them in time.

It is said that the game puts you at high risk. Therefore, you may experience a feeling of nervousness and fear. They make up your success. Join the fun now to experience it.


WASD to move.

C to fire.

X top jump.

ESC to pause.

Some tactics existing in Exolon Redux

You should take advantage of the heights of the platforms to dodge enemy bullets. They will keep you safe at all times. However, they will also limit your ability to attack. Therefore, you need to move flexibly to both attack and defend. Also, for high-range cannons, you can press S to crouch. As a result, you can avoid ammo.

In addition, there are many power-ups in the game. They include bombs, energy, shields, etc. You should collect them so that your warrior becomes stronger. They will protect you from danger.