Egg Hill Climb

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Experience the Egg Hill Climb

Complete the challenging level

Egg Hill Climb offers an amusing adventure of two eggs in the cars. You will drive to the finish line without dropping any eggs and move to the next level.

You must pass the levels in order to win. The levels will have an increasing difficulty level. The higher the level, the harder it is. You need to focus to be able to navigate your vehicle to the destination safely.

In the game, there will be two egg characters placed on two different cars. So, it is best if you can join the game with another one. You will control your character. You can only complete the level when both cars reach the finish line. If a character gets stuck, you have to replay the level. Let's play until you can pass the level.

In addition, you should also be careful with stairs. They can get your character stuck. As a result, you cannot reach the finish line. To pass them, you need to accelerate to be able to climb over. These steps can also cause your vehicle to overturn if you lose control. Be careful unless your eggs will be broken.

How to control

Player 1

W to go forward.

S to go back.

Player 2

The up arrow key to go forward.

The down arrow key to go back.

Select the best characters in Egg Hill Climb

Like Scary Wheels, you can select some attractive characters who are available in the shop. You can own some great eggs if you have a lot of dollars. So, you need to try your best to gather a lot of dollars on the track. Some attractive characters are ninja, police, spie eggs, etc. Choose one of them to start the game. Good luck!